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May 23, 2012
by Graham

Is Responsive Web Design Important?

There’s a huge buzz around responsive web design at the moment. As I mentioned in my previous article, mobile web browsing is expected to overtake desktop browsing within a few years. Now designers are using responsive design to ensure their sites adapt to different devices. But is it worth jumping onto the responsive bandwagon? Is responsive design an important step in the evolution of web design or is it just a gimmick? Continue reading

CSS layout design

April 15, 2012
by Graham

Responsive Web Design – A 3 Column Layout

Now that mobile browsing is expected to overtake desktop browsing within the next few years, web developers have to think about how their sites will appear on mobile devices. This post will talk about future-proofing websites with responsive design. I’ll demonstrate an example of a 3 column front page design, complete with JQuery slideshow.
Continue reading

Table Code

July 18, 2010
by Graham
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Why Tables for Layout Are Unprofessional

I was recently asked to write some HTML for a e-mail newsletter and I was forced to recall what it was like to design layout using tables (bleh!). Of course there are still some designers out there who argue that using tables for layout is just fine and that harking on about divs and the semantic web is overreacting. Admittedly, it’s very quick and easy to come up the desired structure using a GUI like Dreamweaver, but it’s just not good practice.
I’ve compiled a list of reasons why tables should NOT be used for layout. Continue reading