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RSS Feed

April 16, 2013
by Graham
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RSS Not Dead Yet

It’s been over a month now since Google announced that it was shutting down Google Reader. The closing of the much loved RSS client has caused a lot of ripples in the online community. This post talks about a few of the alternatives to Google Reader. Continue reading

MSN Messenger

January 9, 2013
by Graham
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Microsoft Shuts Down Messenger on March 15th

Microsoft will be officially shutting down Windows Live Messenger (formally MSN Messenger) on March 15th, 2013. Launched as MSN Messenger back in 1998, the messenger has become less popular since the release of alternative chat and video services like Skype and Google Hangout. Continue reading


May 23, 2012
by Graham

Is Responsive Web Design Important?

There’s a huge buzz around responsive web design at the moment. As I mentioned in my previous article, mobile web browsing is expected to overtake desktop browsing within a few years. Now designers are using responsive design to ensure their sites adapt to different devices. But is it worth jumping onto the responsive bandwagon? Is responsive design an important step in the evolution of web design or is it just a gimmick? Continue reading


March 25, 2012
by Graham
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Automatically Post to Social Networking Sites From Your Blog

Use Twitterfeed to automatically update your social networking websites directly from your blog!
Twitterfeed is a social media publishing tool that can handle multiple social networking accounts on your behalf! It keeps a close eye on your blog’s RSS feed and posts new entries to your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts. It’s easy to setup and you can create multiple feeds to different blog categories. Continue reading

Wordpress Logo 3

July 5, 2011
by Graham
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Cheesetoast has Switched to WordPress

Cheesetoast has moved from Joomla over to WordPress! Having become more proficient with using WordPress I decided to make the switch.  Joomla is a great CMS, but WordPress is just way more fun to play around with.  


October 30, 2010
by Graham
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Aesthetics and Usability

If a web page is made more attractive, does that make it easier to use? Usability and aesthetics have been the topic of much discussion with designers. The word ‘aesthetics’ can be defined as the study of beauty and artistic taste. Unlike usability, aesthetic appeal is not something which can be easily measured or quantified as it is largely based on personal preference. Beauty itself is a combination of shape, colour and form and can be interpreted in a variety of ways. People like to see attractive websites because they are visually stimulated by them. What researchers are trying to determine is if visual attractiveness aids the usability of a site or if it acts as a distraction. Continue reading


October 29, 2010
by Graham
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Accessibility Online

For people with disabilities surfing the web can be difficult, if not impossible. Common tasks that most people take for granted such as reading, typing or online purchasing can become complex, time consuming endeavours for people who are less capable.
Making websites usable involves taking into consideration the disabilities of the users. Continue reading